We are already blessed with several great volunteers who are busy making this a dynamic organization.  Are you willing to join the team in ensuring WHAGS continues to be an organization that meets our members’ expectations?  Yes, we need a few more folks to help us make the Society the best it can be!

Several of you checked committees you are willing to help with on your Membership Application.  We will be contacting you soon to discuss those volunteer opportunities. 

If any of roles listed below sound interesting, please contact Jenny Sharrer, our president, at President@whags.org  or 832-467-9422.

Here are some specific roles we need to fill:


Publicity Chair and Publicity Committee Members

Having wonderful programs is important to a successful genealogy society.  It is equally vital for the community to hear about our great programs!  We have distribution lists and some volunteers are already helping with publicity.  Now, all we need is a leader for the role and a few more volunteers to have Houston and surrounding communities consistently hearing about our great programming.  Interested? 


This person creates a scrapbook chronicling the Society’s activities.  As far as we know there has never been a historian for the organization.  A good historian puts pictures, facts, and words harmoniously together to make our history a pleasure to see and read. A good historian is a colleague willing to stay tuned to what the Society is doing and record it for fellow members. 

Volunteer Corner

WHAGS Needs a Little Help from Its Friends