March 2021
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Kyla Bayang is Library Services Specialist at Lone Star College - Tomball Community Library.  She leads the Rootsquad Genealogy, a weekly online genealogy group.   By education she is a computer scientist.

Kyla’s genealogy journey began at an early age as she delighted in listening to great uncles tell stories of when they were growing up.  She became serious about genealogy as a teen while taking a research trip with an aunt who visited homesteads, courthouses and cemeteries.  She specializes in getting everyone she comes in contact with interested in documenting and researching their own family history because she believes everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s story matters. 

Kyla Bayang

Maximizing Your Use of

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Meet & Greet 12:30 PM

Program Begins 1:00 PM

What genealogist doesn’t want to maximize their results while on  Ancestry is the world's largest paid family history research and consumer DNA site.  

This presentation will be devoted to responding to questions submitted earlier to a survey to members. Some of the topics will include:  menus and sub-menus on the site, best searching techniques, new features, how to connect with other researchers and DNA matches, and how to adjust research techniques so you work smarter not harder.  Kyla will speed through a bunch of your questions, so get ready for a fast ride. 

Along the way she will talk about some “best-practice” roadmaps and how to avoid getting sidetracked down wandering rabbit holes!   She will touch on the Ancestry Library Edition, what’s different and how to use it free at home.   There will be a Q&A session at the end so have additional questions ready!  

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A big thank you goes to Kyla Bayang for helping us to maximize our use of

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